Free Data Destruction

Ensure your private and confidential data is destroyed safely and securely.

Our services are both environmentally friendly and fully compliant with the Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations.


Once we have collected your equipment at Easy Tech Recycle and it is received at our site, we will start the process to wipe and use physical destruction were needed to destroy any data-carrying items such as HDDs/SSDs/USB/External HDDs.

Hard drives and storage devices can contain sensitive and confidential data. A simple factory reset will still allow you to access previously stored data using recovery software.

Easy Tech Recycle’s data destruction services ensure data is completely erased thanks to binary wipes and physical destruction.

Our data destruction processes meet and exceed the highest industry standards including the Communications Electronics Security Group (CESG) Commercial Product Assurance (CPA), NATO CONFIDENTIAL, NATO RESTRICTED, NATO SECRET and COSMIC TOP SECRET, Defence INFOSEC Product Co-Operation Group UK (DIPCOG) and exceeding standards provided by the USA Department of Defense. A data destruction certificate is provided at the end of the process.

Multipass Binary Data

We use multipass binary data wiping procedures to ensure that there is 0% chance of your data being recovered. There is no recovery software which can help in this case, as the hard drive would have a completely different data infrastructure to before the wipe.

Data Destruction Methods

Data destruction methods include data degaussing, data shredding and hard drive crushing. Each method provides solid secure destruction and a certificate of destruction to go along with it – to help you with your audit trail.

The data carrying items are processed through our inventory system first where we can retrieve the asset details for auditing purposes later. Have a look at our How It Works page.


Get in touch with us and let us know what items you would like us to collect


If your collection contains 10 or more qualifying items we'll collect it for free


Your data will be destroyed using our secure methods to ensure safe discarding

Key Benefits

Our Data Destruction service is FREE and it also includes collection of 10 or more qualifying items. However, there is a £4 charge for a certificate of destruction per 'data carrying' item.
At Easy Tech Recycle, we follow strict Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations which ensures we recycle components for re-use. When disposing of equipment, we also ensure that we keep our damage to the environment to a minimum.
Once you get in touch, we will assess how many items you need collecting. Once we've confirmed all the details with you we will aim to collect within 24-72 hours. During busy periods, we may take longer - however we will always try our best to stick to promised schedules.
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